About Us

What Makes Ford Family Retail So Chill & Impactful?

We’re glad you asked! Ford Family Retail began in November of 2022 in Arizona as a retail store-owning corporation that purchased Peace Smoke Shop as our flagship model of a smoke shop.

Since then, we have gone across Arizona with a specific goal: Keeping the smokeshop industry to the industrial standards of smaller profits, just like everyone else!

Financial stability is challenging nowadays, and times are tough. We want to make sure everyone is thriving, which means lowering profits and making sure everyone gets a piece of that pie!

What’s Different About Ford Family Retail?

We are a smoke shop retail shop corporation focusing on FAMILY and EDUCATION first and foremost. We teach customers about product quality as they buy the products and keep the profits to a minimum (unlike most shops).

Ford Family Retail hopes to market more products in the future so that shops can thrive for years to come. We are all about family financial security and legacy.

Our motto for our shops is: “Aces in their places!” We save the most money and create the best service by keeping to our motto. We soak all our employees in knowledge and training as much as we can before assigning a smoke shop to employ. Let us help you solve your problems and get things done so you can create a lasting family legacy.