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The very best deals on glass, smoking, and vaping products! Many various disposable vapes, different flavors, and brands, even from the makers of the Elfbar brand. From Lost Mary, Elf Limited, to Funky Republic, Evobar, Orion, Tugpod, and More! Try our new Bugatti Vapes from our newest distributor, Ford Legacy Sales, the only distro that sells them in AZ! Made by Aroma King, well known in Asia and Europe for TOP quality vapes! We are very competitive, so please let us know if our rates are higher than another nearby competitor. We strive to be the best! Brand New Owners that care about the customers! We partnered with Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds to provide you with the best tobacco prices that we can offer. Loyalty and trust are very important to us. Let’s just say you should stick with us if you want the best service, best products, best prices, and best support.. hands down!

Jeremy F.
One of 3 Owners

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Disposables or disposable vape devices are simple and compact vape devices that come pre-filled and most of the times pre-charged. That means, you don’t have to worry about refilling the pod with e-juice or recharge the battery again and again. Most disposable come with pre- defined puffs like there are disposable that offer a few thousand puffs and those that offer up to 10000 puffs. These days disposable vape devices can also be recharged if they carry a vast amount of e-liquid. Some of the most popular disposable devices that we carry include Lost Vape, Orion Bar, Tyson, Evo Bar, Funky Republic, Tugpod, our favorites Bugatti and Aroma King, and even our more thrifty versions like Vapetasia and EZEE with much more every day. We carry the latest and most popular disposable vape devices and offer the best possible prices.

Vape Accessories

Vape devices or their components do not last forever. If you have a disposable you will have to buy the whole device again. But if that is not the case, you might have to buy vaping accessories according to the condition of the vape Vape accessories include the components of a vape device

They can be sold separately or as a replacement accessory for the original device. The accessories can be anything from storage bottles, and glass, to batteries. Some of our best-selling accessories are Puffin The Peak Travel Clear Glass Puff Co The Peak Carb Cap & Tether – Clear, PuffCo The Peak Pro Chamber, PuffCo Vision Plus Chamber, Puff Co The Peak Pro Colored Glass, and Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF Storage Bottle

At Peace Smoke Shop we have the best vape accessories from all the leading brands in the world. We also give the best competitive price.


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We’re proud to offer regular discounts, exciting deals, and unbeatable coupons on the latest vape devices, hardware, and e-juices, making us the premier destination for all your vaping needs.

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What Customers Say

I really love this smoke shop. They have the best prices and best customer service. Amazing people, and great atmosphere!!!!!!

Sarah C.

Came looking for the Naked brand vape oil. The shop was clean, the service was great for the most part. So sad I have to go to AZ to get this. This place is a new stop on the way to and from my daughter's house. Thanks for opening early

Linda J.

This is my fav smoke shop 🙂 they are always staffed which is really awesome they pretty much remember you and what u smoke after the 1st visit they are always so helpful and smiling one of the best around that for sure 🙂 the new owners just came in with guns blazing and really outdid themselves I don't want to go anywhere else 🙂 thanks for making me a permanent customer!!!

Felicia Q.

My personal favorite smoke shop! Love this place and everyone working here is very helpful and friendly especially Chelsea and Chris

Caleb C.